5 Tips for Creating a Healthy BBQ

On balmy summer days, nothing compares to the joy of poolside lounging with friends while basking in the sun. The cheerful sounds of children playing in the backyard and a distant ice cream truck only adds to that relaxed atmosphere as you prepare for an epic BBQ!

As the summer approaches, why not do all you can to create a memorable and enjoyable one? From barbecuing your favorite dishes to preventing sunburns and mosquito bites, these five hacks will have you do healthy grilling.

1. Choose Healthier BBQ Food Alternatives

One of the biggest draws to summer BBQ is the delicious food. Burgers, hot dogs and ribs are always a staple, but these foods can also be high in fat and calories.

Instead of throwing caution to the wind by eating everything you want, try switching to healthier alternatives such asiaaday certification buffer rating a man charism wat As why, try grillin up some chicken breast, fish or vegetables instead. Not only will these foods help keep you in shape, but they’re also delicious!

2. Grill and BBQ Safety

One of the worst things that can happen at a BBQ is a mishap with the grill or BBQ. Whether it’s a fire, gas leak or burn, these accidents can be not only painful and dangerous but deadly too.

To prevent any unfortunate situations, take some time to learn more about grilling and cooking meat safety. From keeping the grill away from flammable materials to not overfilling it with charcoal, these simple hacks will keep you and your guests safe.

3. Drink Plenty of Water

During scorching summer heat, it is of utmost importance to stay hydrated with plenty of water. Scientists are still not sure exactly how much H2O we need on a daily basis (with factors such as age and activity levels playing an essential role in the equation), yet they successfully documented that dehydration or lower-than-normal intake can increase the risk for severe medical conditions.

Beat the heat by drinking up. Over-consuming water, depending upon the individual’s constitution, may lead to hyponatremia (sodium depletion) or even water intoxication.

4. Don’t Forget Sunscreen and Bug Repellents

One of the best parts about summer is getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors! Whether you are barbecuing with friends or playing sports with family members, make sure to apply sunscreen and bug repellent regularly.

Both products can help prevent you from getting sunburned or bitten by mosquitos, so be sure to put them on whenever you’re spending time in the backyard or out at a park.

Not only will they keep you safe, but they also make for a great excuse to pamper yourself with a little extra relaxation.

5. Prepare Yourself for the Heat

Finally, it is essential to prepare yourself for the heat of summer. Whether you’re swimming in the pool, playing sports or hanging out by the grill, there will be plenty of opportunities to get even hotter than normal.

To stay safe, try to avoid drinking alcohol or staying out in the sun for too long. Always have extra sunscreen and bug repellent on hand, and be sure not to overdo it with strenuous physical activity. With these tips in mind, you can easily enjoy the warm weather while keeping yourself safe and healthy!

It’s time to bring out the grill and get cooking.