BBQ Cabbage


  • 1 Hispi or spring pointed cabbage and quarter it lengthways
  • 250ml of rapeseed oil
  • 60g Marmite
  • 60g (about 3) egg yolks
  • 25g red wine vinegar
  • 200g smoked bacon
  • 200g ewe’s or goat’s cheese curd


  1. Fire up the BBQ or set your oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6 and get ready for some delicious cooking! Generously season a large pot of water with four pinches of salt. Once it boils, add in the cabbage and let it simmer for half a minute.
  2. Take the cabbage, pat it dry with a kitchen towel, and place on your hot BBQ. Turn every few minutes until its outsides are blackened in spots. Wrap up your creation in foil to continue cooking over coals for even heating all around – this will ensure that the cabbage is cooked through!
  3. For an alternate technique, heat up a non-stick frying pan over high and lightly coat with oil. Sauté the cabbage for about 5 minutes until it is charred on all sides. Then transfer to a baking sheet and cover with foil before placing in the oven for 10 additional minutes so that it’s cooked through properly.
  4. Leave your cabbage to cool while you concoct the dressing. Combine Marmite, egg yolks and vinegar until smooth, then bit by bit add oil while whisking until it’s thick and creamy. Whisk in 3-4 tablespoons of cold water so that your sauce has a drizzleable texture.
  5. Cut the bacon into small cubes of ½ cm. Heat a bit of oil in a pan set over high heat and fry the bacon for 5-10 minutes, stirring until it is nice and crisp. Place on a plate lined with kitchen paper to allow any excess fat to be absorbed, then enjoy!
  6. Mix the curd with vigor until it is creamy and soft. Peel off any dark outer leaves from the cabbage as you remove it from its foil wrapping.
  7. Adorn each layer of cabbage with dollops or ribbons of curd, generously sprinkling in bacon bits for an added crunchy texture. Lastly, drizzle a flavorful dressing over your masterpiece before serving to your guests!