Coffee-Crusted BBQ Beef Ribs


  • 1/3 cup dark roast coffee beans
  • 1/4 cup black peppercorn
  • 4 tsp of sea salt, plus more if desired
  • 4 tsp hickory smoked sea salt
  • 2 teaspoons of smoked Spanish paprika
  • Olive oil
  • 5 pounds bone-in beef ribs (approximately 4 racks)
  • Dijon mustard (to serve on the side)


  1. Before you begin cooking, set the oven to 500°F (260°C).
  2. Grind the coffee beans in a spice grinder (to about the same coarseness as you would for a French press grind), then set them aside. For coarse grinding, use a blender to grind the black peppercorn and sea salts together until the biggest piece of peppercorn is halved or quartered. After that, mix the coffee grounds, grounded peppercorns and seat salt together with smoked paprika.
  3. Place the beef ribs on a baking sheet and coat with a thin layer of olive oil, then add the spice mix. With your hands, press the spice mix onto every surface of the ribs to make sure it’s evenly distributed and glued on nicely. The goal is for the Ribs to have a thick “crusty” coating. Roast in an oven at 500° F (260° C) for 10 minutes or until you see a slight change in color indicating they’re seared. Remove from oven, then turn heat down to 300° F (150° C).
  4. After you have placed all of the ribs onto the doubled aluminum foil, score a few slits on the bottom of the pouch with a small knife. You want to make sure there are no open spaces anywhere so that none of flavor escapes. Next, place it on top of baking rack which is sitting on top  of a baking sheet (this catches any drippings). Set your oven timer for 4 hours and let them roast!
  5. After four hours, turn the heat down to 220° Fahrenheit (100° Celsius), and slow-roast for another seven hours. You can check on the tenderness of the ribs every now and then during this time if you want. If by the end of seven hours a fork cannot be inserted into the meat easily, I would recommend turning the heat back up to 300° Fahrenheit (150° Celsius) and cooking for an additional one or two hours. The final product should ideally be sticky, tender, and gelatinous with a darker shade of pink developed along the outer surface of muscle tissue.
  6. Once your ribs are finished cooking, top with a light layer of sea salt and eat with Dijon mustard. You could cut the meat into smaller chunks, or just eat it straight off the bone like a true carnivore.