How To Prep, Clean, And Safely Use Your Barbecue

As soon as Albertans sense the slightest hint of warmth, they’re firing up their barbecues! As grilling season kicks off, it is essential to revisit your barbecue and make sure everything is functioning optimally.

Start by reading through the user manual for any manufacturer-recommended maintenance steps then give everything a thorough cleaning. To ensure safe yet delicious outdoor meals all summer long, follow our useful tips you won’t regret it!


For cooking meat safety, make sure to place your barbecue at least one meter (three feet) away from any flammable objects such as houses, fences, awnings or tree branches.

To avoid food sticking onto the grates when cooking, brush some vegetable oil and preheat for 10 minutes before starting up the charcoal grill with a chimney starter according to manufacturer’s instructions, this is much safer than lighter fluid!

If you’d like slower yet gentler cooking by indirect heat, keep an empty section of your grill without charcoals beneath it and turn off its burner.


When cooking on your barbecue, always open the lid before you ignite it. Never lean over while lighting up and never set up in a garage or other enclosed space. Utilize tools with long handles and wear oven mitts when handling hot food to avoid getting burned.

Additionally, loose clothes can fuel fires quickly so choose wisely! Keep kids and pets clear of the grill as well as don’t let go of your watchful eye, flare-ups are caused by fat dripping from meat, which can be hazardous if left unchecked.

A home fire extinguisher or baking soda should also be kept nearby for emergencies, call 911 if flames become larger than a waste basket size.

Clean: Before First Use

To ensure optimal performance, it is essential to thoroughly clean your barbecue. Begin by removing the grates and washing them with a light dish detergent.

Use a pipe cleaner to remove any blockages from the connecting control valves and burner vents caused by spiders.

To test for gas leaks, spray soapy water on all of the gas supply lines and connections, if bubbles appear (indicating a leak), immediately shut off the valve and tighten up those connections before retesting, if you persistently find leakage after that process, contact your manufacturer directly for assistance!

Clean: After Each Use

Before your barbecue grates cool, quickly get rid of food particles for healthy grilling with a pumice stone or wooden scraper – not steel-bristled brushes which can leave fibres stuck on the grates and in your meals. Afterwards, wipe them down with a damp cloth.

For cast-iron grates, make sure to re-season by lightly coating with vegetable oil for best result! Finally once your coals have cooled off completely, make certain to safely discard ash and used coals into an enclosed noncombustible bucket such as metal buckets before they ignite any danger around you.

Clean: Every Four to Six Uses

Carefully slide out the drip pan and grease tray, disposing of any collected debris. If you have a disposable grease tray, now’s the time to switch it out for something new.

Furthermore, take off your reverse V-shaped heat plates (a.k.aand spot clean them using warm soapy water; be sure to blot dry fully before reinstalling into position! You need BBQ information for you to become experts 

It’s time to bring out the grill and get cooking.